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I AM in Business

“I AM” in Business
Doing Business by God’s Word

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These meetings are all about how to work in and at your business as a follower of Christ. The meetings involve combining studies, prayer and referral of resources to build business your relationship with Christ.

Pinellas County

NEXT DATE: Tuesday October 11th 2016

TIME: 10am-12pm

PLACE: The Flagship Community Bank

29750 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33761


Hillsborough County


TIME: 7:30am-9:30am

PLACE: C&L Value Advisors, LLC
Business Advisory Services/Certified Public Accountants
4805 W Laurel St, Suite 100 Tampa FL  33607



Member Testimonial

Thank you very much for the I Am in Business class. I was blown away. I came back to the office on fire. Laurie, you did such a great job with the material you presented. I took the step of presenting it to a “secular” staff and was so amazed they got it, embraced it, and for the first time, sounded like a team. Everyone can’t stop talking about it; thank you, Laurie! This class was a game-changer for me, and how I hear God’s voice to follow His way to manage this business. ~ Deborah Ray Roseman, WTIS 1110AM – Inspiration Station

Member Testimonial

Dear Laurie – You are doing a wonderful job with the I AM in Business Class and the material is very effective. It comes at a perfect time for me as I am at the point where I am reflecting and looking to make the right decisions about where to take my career (or build one). It never occurred to me, I am ashamed to say, to bring God into the work place and now it seems so obvious that that is what is missing for me. Thank you for all you do!

Sincerely, Alice Anne Todd – American National Stock Transfer


Member Testimonial

Thanks for a great breakfast and good teaching. I was impressed that you went through that much material. At similar meetings you would pay $500 for what you presented. ALL RIGHT ON target, and you used the same verses I have in teaching the FCCI ( Fellowship Of Companies For Christ) business courses. Asking the questions you did were great and got all of us thinking.

If I put all of what was said into my business practice, it would be awesome to see what God would do. ~ JD Smith, Pinellas Christian Business Directory


Too many of us call ourselves Christians at church and even at home, but what about at the workplace? Could that really be the mission-field in which God is calling you?

This thought-provoking and biblically sound book uncovers 12 truths that will ignite a passion in you to be who God called you to be, regardless of where you are.

This study is designed to get you thinking about how you are, or are not, including Christ in your workplace. It will provide practical applications and ideas on how to live for Christ and implement His truth wherever you are, especially at work.

As the founder and CEO of the Christian Chamber of Commerce – Tampa Bay, Laurie Hill has seen too many confessed Christians not dare to, or not know how to be Christ-like at their jobs. The world has seen enough people who confess to know God with their mouths but deny them with their lifestyle.

“God didn’t call you to do something, He called you to be something!”

“Laurie is the real deal and she captured a lot of her good thinking on how to serve God in the marketplace in a great book for the rest of us to read. It is a great tool to give away to friends who want to learn how to be all that God created them to be while at work and at home!”

Todd Hopkins
Founder & CEO
Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services
International Best Selling Author

“A MUST Read!! Everyone should read this book to learn how to better integrate your faith in your workplace. I especially learned from the section on IMPACT. It is about how to positively impact those around you in the workplace. God shows us in scripture how to impact people. Author Laurie Hill does a great job in summarizing what God says about how best to impact people.”

Mark Whitacre, Ph.D.
COO & Chief Science Officer of Cypress Systems, Inc
“The Informant”

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